Hearing Specialists

More than 20 years of experience in the identification and correction of hearing loss.

Free Hearing Screening Tests

We perform all the necessary tests and studies to evaluate your hearing.

Hearing Aids Adjustment

We look for the best solution taking into account your lifestyle, sound environment and preferences.

Customized Payment

We propose a personalized payment method, including interest-free financing.

Breakage or Loss Insurance

We offer an insurance program for our hearing aids. Goodbye worries!

Custom Ear Protector Manufacturing

We provide different types of hearing protection based on the required activity.

Types of hearing aids

Custom-made to fit the ear canal. Available in different models based on the user's lifestyle and hearing loss. This group includes nearly invisible, smaller-sized hearing aids.

RIC (Receiver-in-Canal) hearing aids have the receiver inside the ear and other components in a small housing behind the ear. Currently the most commonly used due to their comfort and features.

Their components are housed in a casing behind the ear, connected by a small tube to an ear mold. Practical and ideal for moderate to profound hearing loss.

We offer pediatric RIC and BTE hearing aids designed to provide auditory solutions with special attention to comfort, safety, and resilience in all aspects of children's lives.

Rechargeable Hearing Aids

Rechargeable hearing aids offer greater convenience compared to disposable battery ones. They are placed in the charging station at night, allowing you to continue your daily activities without interruption. Rechargeable options are available for BTE, RIE, and in-the-ear hearing aids.

Phone Applications

Simply by downloading the app on your phone or tablet, you can easily control and customize your hearing aid settings. Adjust volume, program settings, battery status, etc.

Connectivity Accessories

Bluetooth-enabled accessories will significantly enhance your hearing aid experience. You can listen clearly to your TV, phone calls, audio from any device directly without being bothered by ambient noise.

Hearing Aid Brands

At Auditen, we have an extensive catalog of hearing aid brands.